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Hugs Gift card pack

$11.36 Ex Tax: $11.36

A set of six square gift cards featuring designs from the Nice People Nice Things quilt. Each card is blank on the inside for personalised messages. 150mm x 150mm in size, packaged in polyprop bag. Cards are sold in wholesale sets of 10. (10 sets of 6 packaged cards)  ..

Hugs notepads

$5.91 Ex Tax: $5.91

Hugs 'n Kisses has released two designs in A5 size notepads. Each notepad has 50 quality printed pages for quick notes, heartfelt wishes or stash shopping lists. Perfect for upsaling, keep near your register for last minute gifts. Wholesale packs are sold in sets of 10 pads - 5 of each design...

1/4" Quilter's Tape

$5.30 Ex Tax: $4.82

1/4" Quilter's Tape 30 yards (27m)..

28mm budget mini rotary cutter

$14.50 Ex Tax: $13.18

Small but mighty! Just the right size for small to medium scale paper piecing curves, miniatures, tight corners and cutting quilt block pieces! This 28mm rotary cutter is called Quick-Blade Change for a reason. It's super easy to change the blade, and the handle is very comfortable too! It has a contoured handle design for right and left handed use. It features a durable handle with a bl..

Air Travel Scissors

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

With blunt tips and narrow blades, it will allow you to use for air-travel. It is suitable to cut the threads, webbing, baby nails, even tigertail wires. Safe as children's scissors to learn the motion of holding scissors! ..

Apliquick Tools

$54.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Applique tools: two rods (a thicker and a thinner) with different ends, great for having perfect, fast and easy results in patchwork appliques. They are suitable for larger, medium and essential for thumbnails workpieces.These great tools are used for glue stick appliqué. There are two tools in the pack which can be used in conjunction with applique paper and a fabric glue pen. The pronged tool is..

Bamboo Embroidery Hoops

$3.25 Ex Tax: $2.95

Bamboo Embroidery Hoops in 8cm, 10cm, 15cm and 20cmGreat for hoopart -  framing your finished work.For embroidering your project we prefer to use the plastic hoops listed hereThese hoops are currently out of stock, if ordered they will be placed on backorder and your order shipped in total when they arrive. ..

Bias Maker by Clover

$0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Clover Quilting Bias maker. Create your own tape in minutes. Easy, quick and precise. Available sizes: 1/4" 3/4" 1/2" 1" ..

Birch Mini Steam Iron

$66.00 Ex Tax: $60.00

Too often, we are running between the sewing machine and the iron when we are quilting. The joy of having this remarkable Birch Mini Steam Iron is that you can save up time by setting up an ironing station right next to your machine. Handy and portable, this marvelous piece easily fits into your tool box or into a travel bag for those touch-ups on the go! Birch Mini Steam Iron fits ..

Car Decals

$13.50 Ex Tax: $12.27

Show off your love for Quilting with these vinyl window stickers. All decals are white on clear, die-cut vinyl. Instructions for use included in the packaging. ..

Chafarcani 36" Measuring Tape with Drawstring Bag

$36.00 Ex Tax: $32.73

Chafarcani 36" Measuring Tape with Drawstring Bag fashionably facilitates quilting on the go. This stylish ruler comes with an equally fabulous bag to match in Chafarcani by French General for Moda fabrics...

Chafarcani Trim Webbing - Red

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.09

Chafarcani Trim Webbing includes 10 yards of 1.5" cotton webbing for bagsPrice shown is per metre..

Chafarcani Trim Webbing - Roche

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.09

Chafarcani Trim Webbing includes 10 yards of 1.5" cotton webbing for bagsPrice shown is per metre..

Clear Stencil Plastic Mylar Sheet

$3.91 Ex Tax: $3.55

Our Clear Stencil Plastic Mylar Sheet is a fine crystal-clear plastic. Makes tracing and cutting your own stencils a breeze! Great for overlay applique or for making small, intricate applique templates. Suitable for use with an iron. Price is per 12" square sheet..

Clearly Perfect Angles

$19.00 Ex Tax: $17.27

The CPA will be the most practical notion you've ever used!  It "clings" to smooth sewing surfaces (no taping) so it's always in position ready to sew ANY 45 degree angle accurately. You will appreciate the Fabric Alignment Key and 1/4" & 5/8" seam guides.  It's also color-coded for different techniques.   And to answer one of th..

Clover Hot Hemmer Pressing Tool

$30.00 Ex Tax: $27.27

Measure, mark, and press hems and more in one step. Great for purse handles, binding, hems, rounded corners, interior and miter corners. Heat resistant, thin, accurate ruler can be pressed with dry/steam iron, features non-slip surface to hold fabric for precise results. Size: 5" x 6" ..

Colonial Needle 45mm Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener

$43.51 Ex Tax: $39.55

Don't throw away those old blades! Sharpen them and use them again and again. The Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener by The Colonial Needle is good for over a hundred sharpenings, restores a razor-like edge to the rotary blade, and extends the life of your cutting blades. Hold the sharpening disk in one hand, position the blade directly onto the abrasive ring, and twist the handle clockwise and coun..

Cool Pins (Fortune Fuchsia)

$16.80 Ex Tax: $15.27

Cool Pins are just that - COOL! They are heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit so you can iron over them without melting the tip of the pin or burning your finger. The large pinheads are easy to grasp and manipulate - perfect for all ages. And since the tips of the Cool Pins are colourful, they are easy to spot and remove - no pins left behind. Cool Pins are sharp and fine. At just..

Diagonal Seam Tape

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

Diagonal Seam Tape is a perfect solution for sewing straight diagonal seams without having to mark any lines! The special washi tape is strong, thin, and removes cleanly after sewing projects. Simply place the tape in front of the feed dogs with the red line in front of the needle as the stitch line. The black lines on either side of the center line represent a perfect 1/4" seam allowance and..


$0.61 Ex Tax: $0.55

elastic for masksAvailable in 3mm or 5mm wide, in whiteor 3mm in blackPrice is per metre...

Fiskars Premier Thread Snips

$14.50 Ex Tax: $13.18

Make quick, precise snips during your sewing, quilting or knitting projects. Easily take care of loose ends with these reliable Thread Snips. High-grade, stainless steel blades make clean cuts through fabric, thread, floss, yarn and more, and pointed tips provide unmatched control when trimming in tight spaces or at awkward angles. Plus, a spring-action design makes cutting easy. Features:&nb..

Fold-over Elastic

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00

3/4" wide fold over elastic as used in ByAnnie bag patterns.ByAnnie's 50-yard rolls of fold-over elastic sold by the metre.We especially love using fold-over elastic for finishing the edges of mesh fabric for pockets in purses and bags. Also available in the following colours: Blast-off Blue  BlackLipstick Turquoise White Price is per metre..

Folk Art Textile Medium 2 oz

$6.50 Ex Tax: $5.91

Folk art textile Medium. Used to seal the colour. 2 oz bottle. ..

Gift Cards

$7.15 Ex Tax: $6.50

Hugs 'n Kisses designed stationary - great value and great sentiments, keep some handy for when the need arises. Just because.... A set of six square gift cards featuring designs from the Nice People Nice Things quilt. Each card is blank on the inside for personalized messages. 150mm x 150mm in size, packaged in polyprop bag. ..

Hemline Fast & Tacky Glue

$2.95 Ex Tax: $2.68

Hemline Fast & Tacky Glue pen For general household, fabric and craft projects. Twin applicators for narrow and wide surfaces. 35 mL Non-toxic Dries clear Flexible Bond $2.95 each ..

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