Mask Making

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Elastic for mask making Available in 3mm or 5mm wide, in white or 3mm in black Price is per metre. ..

Mask Acrylic Templates

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3mm clear acrylic cutting template for mask making Sizes: Child, Small, and Large To measure approximate sizes measure from across the bridge of your nose (about halfway down nose where glasses sit) to under your chinThen measure from the centre of your nose to just in front of your ear where the flat edge of the mask will sit.Large:  nose to under chin: 19.5cm approxNose to in fron..

Mask Adjustable Ear Elastics

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Adjustable soft ear elastics for mask making -White - OUT OF STOCKBlackGreyPrice is per pair..

Mask Cord Drawstring Button

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Mask Cord Drawstring Button for mask making. Material: Soft rubber Shape: Round, flat button Recommended: Use crochet hook (sold separately) for attaching the cord drawstring button to mask cord. Note: Mask cord not included but sold separately here (or check out related products below).  ..

Mask Cord Stopper

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Plastic Mask Cord Stopper for mask making. Price per piece. ..

Mask Nose Bridge Aluminum Strip (pack of 100)

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Pack of 100 aluminum strips. 90mm, flat aluminum strip for masks. With double-sided tape for DIY mask making. Material: Solid aluminum. Does not rust. Surface is smooth and shiny. Lightweight, no pressure on the nose. Flexible, can be easily bent and still maintain its shape. Direct Adhesive: Double-sided adhesive strip on the back of the aluminum sheet, which can be directly adhere..

Metal Clamp Mask Cord Stopper

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Metal Clamp Mask Cord Stopper for mask making. Price per piece. ..

Nose Wires

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Pack of 10 aluminum nose strips with double-sided adhesive for mask, making approximately 9cm. Also used in mask making. ..

Spring Mask Cord Stopper

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This Spring Mask Cord Stopper can also be used as buckle or cord stopper for windbreaker jackets, belts, woolen coats, shirts, sweaters, trousers, backpacks, shoes, suits, coats, hats, overalls, jeans, and other clothing accessories. Shape: Round, pig snout buckle Material: Plastic Colour: Random Size: 17mm ..

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