Fat Quarters

Our Fat Quarter Bundles are collections of fat quarters from a fabric line. Most Fat Quarter bundles are half-yard cuts of fabric cut half the width of fabric (hence the name fat). Their approximate size is 18" x 21". 

If we cut our own Fat Quarter bundles, we cut Australian sizes  - half metre, cut in half - approximately 20" x 21"

There are differing amounts of fat quarters depending on the fabric line. Amounts will be listed in the product description and priced accordingly.

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Catnip – Fat Quarter Bundle

$228.00 Ex Tax: $207.27

CATNIP This cat-crazy collection features cat panels, cool prints based on Gingiber's signature line-drawings, and a cheater-print. In blacks, whites, naturals, and greys Catnip is contemporary and fat cat cool! So put a little zest in your nest for your beloved feline friend! Name: Catnip - Fat Quarter Bundle SKU: 48230AB Designer: Gingiber Manufacturer: Moda - ..

Confection Batiks – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$270.00 Ex Tax: $245.45

CONFECTION BATIKS  From Kate: "During the summers when I was a little girl, our family would visit Block Island - a small, blissful island gem off the coast of Rhode Island. Among the seaside shops that dotted the main street was a place called "Harbor Sweets", the one and only penny candy store where you could buy everything from salt water taffy to homemade chocolate fudge. I remember ..

Dwell in Possibility – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$222.75 Ex Tax: $202.50

DWELL IN POSSIBILITY Let your imagination take wing with the latest fabric collection by Gingiber for Moda Fabrics. Dwell in Possibility was inspired by quotes from the artist’s favorite authors brought to vibrant life with whimsical illustrations. Includes 33 fat quarters, 18" x 21" cuts. May include duplicates of some prints. Collection Name: Dwell in Possibility SKU: M4..

Farmhouse Reds – Fat Quarter Bundle

$265.00 Ex Tax: $240.91

FARMHOUSE REDS Red and Cream. It's as warm, fresh and inviting as a morning spent on the porch with a cup of tea or coffee. Shades of cream from ivory to wheat are mixed with vintage-inspired reds to create a collection that is both classic and trendy. From catalogues to magazines, farmhouse style and red accents remain popular and sought-after. So put some colour in your life with quilts and..

Hopewell – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$195.75 Ex Tax: $177.95

HOPEWELL From Jo:"Hopewell began with a sweet, antique check fabric in my favorite colors of red and brown. Adding small-scale prints and the busy backgrounds that I love came next, colored in just the right shade of blue, medium tans, dark cream and toast, with bits of pink and green.For scrap quilters like me, Hopewell has many options. Pull out the reds and blues for a patriotic quilt, or ..

Jardin de Fleurs – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$256.50 Ex Tax: $233.18

JARDIN DE FLEURS Jardin de Fleurs - or Garden of Flowers - is our latest fabric collection featuring all the pretty flowers and vines one might find in a French country garden. The color palette includes a new soft shade of blue, mixed with our classic red  and pearl, and just a touch of grey. Jardin de Fleurs evokes a formal garden that is a bit overgrown and filled with all the lo..

Maryland – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$155.25 Ex Tax: $141.14

MARYLAND Maryland is a unique collection by Kathy Schmitz for Moda Fabrics. 100% Cotton. Includes 23 fat quarters, 18" x 21" cuts. Collection Name: Maryland SKU: M7030AB Colour: All the colours in this collection Theme: Contemporary Designer: Kathy Schmitz Manufacturer: Moda Fabrics PRE-ORDER NOTE:If you are ordering other products with this p..

Roselyn – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$249.76 Ex Tax: $227.05

ROSELYN From Minick & Simpson: "Red and white never gets old. From classic quilts to iconic logos, the combination of colors always catches the eye. Roselyn is about my love for peppermints and polka dots, and a vintage restaurant china collection found in diners. It mixes my favorite paisleys and stars with bloomy florals, all colored in red, cream and shades of pink. Roselyn f..

Sanctuary – Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$270.00 Ex Tax: $245.45

SANCTUARY A place of refuge... whether it's a field of flourishing blooms or a single stem in a vase, the 3 Sister's Sanctuary for Moda Fabrics is filled with flowers. The bouquets are fanciful and eclectic, a mix of bold and dainty, and they create a feeling of harmony with shades of Blush and Rose, Crystal and Tranquil aqua. Flowers flourish and bloom in quiet solitude, Sanctuary ..

Sophie - Fat Quarter Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

$175.51 Ex Tax: $159.55

SOPHIE From Brenda:"Sophie - a timeless collection for all seasons. Made up of rosy red, crisp linen-white, blossom pink, soft green, and grounded with an earthy cobblestone grey, the collection fits right in for spring or summer. And Christmas! A collection of classic vintage-inspired florals mix with a sweet, little cross-stitch print and a classic gingham. These very special coor..

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