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Bag Batting

$14.50 Ex Tax: $13.18

Bag Batting M1000-080 80cm x 30m roll (32" x 33yd) Matilda's Own Polyester bag batting is the softest on the market, a very robust fibre and yet soft enough for the best projects. Great for bags and placemats and high usage items. Price is per meter - 100% polyester - firm but easy to needle by hand or machine - Bended to prevent bearding - great for those w..

Decovil Vilene Iron In Interfacing

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Decovil 1 Beige Interlining Decovil I is a fusible nonwoven with leather-like handle, produced on the basis of a special technology, which is ideally suited for the creation of hats, belts, bags and small fabric bowls but also, of course, for interior decoration. Fabric: Decorative fabrics, cotton, synthetics, etc. Advantages: Dimensionally stable, resilient, extremely tear resistan..

Fusible Interlining G 405

$10.51 Ex Tax: $9.55

Gives extra body and holds shape. Lightweight to medium weight fabrics such as wool and wild silk. Create definition in your quilts, quilt bags or apparels without adding that extra bulk or weight. Specifications: shape retaining flawless fit strong yet adjustable hold Instructions: 1. Place the Interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Cover t..

Fusible Pellon H630

$11.50 Ex Tax: $10.45

Fusible Pellon - H630 - very lightweight fusible batting - used as a stabilizer behind fabric or embroidery and stitchery projects. Price is per meter. Please Note: This item may need to be posted as a parcel and may incur extra postage fees to those calculated in the shopping cart. ..

HNK Stitchery Stabiliser 1m pack

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Fusible, lightweight, non-woven Polyester/Nylon stabiliser Price is per metre ..

HNK Stitchery Stabiliser 20m Roll

$170.01 Ex Tax: $154.55

Fusible, lightweight, non-woven Polyester/Nylon stabiliser 20m x 1m wide rolls..

Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 Fusible Batting

$32.51 Ex Tax: $29.55

Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Fusible Cotton/Poly Blend Batting is a double-sided, iron-on batting. This product eliminates the need for the time-consuming step of pin- or spray-basting and enables you to create your quilt ‘sandwich’ in no time at all! Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Fusible Cotton/Poly Blend Batting is manufactured in the same manner as our Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 (Natur..

Insul Bright

$16.01 Ex Tax: $14.55

Insul-Bright 112.5cm wideInsul-Bright is a needle punched insulating material that reflects cold or heat back to the source. Perfect for lunch bags, potholders, grocery bags. Just make sure that you place the shiny side of Insul-Bright toward the hot/cold source. Please be aware that Insul-Bright is heat resistant, not heat proof. You might want to add an extra layer of cotton wadding when ma..


$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

Various tools and accessories as used and recommended by Helen in her work. Note that goods marked with a * may need to be posted as a parcel and may incur extra postage fees to those calculated in the shopping cart. ..

Pellon Shape Flex SF101

$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.14

Pellon® Shape-Flex® SF101 is an all purpose, woven, fusible interfacing.  It provides crisp support for collars, cuffs, yokes, pockets, facings, and other detail areas of a garment. It can also add body and permanent stability when used as a backing for needlework and punch embroidery. Shape-Flex® is intended for light to medium woven and knit fabrics, including oxford cloth, chambray, gingha..

Polyester Rainbow Batting

$14.50 Ex Tax: $13.18

100% Polyester Rainbow Batting 5cm x 20 cm (2in x 22yd) ..

Sew-In Foam

$38.01 Ex Tax: $34.55

Sew-In Foam bag batting M4002 58" x 15yd - Gives extra body and holds shape - Lightweight - Soft and formable - Easy to sew - Needle friendly - Curves fabric and stitch to desired form Price is per meter Care Instructions: Sew-In Foam can be washed and air dried only. Do not tumble dry. ..

Single Sided Fusible Foam

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

Single-Sided Fusible Foam Gives extra body and holds shape. Lightweight, soft and formable. Easy to sew. Create definition in your quilt or quilt bag without adding that extra bulk or weight. It has the same resiliency of polyester foam with the stability of knit fabric. This is the perfect batting alternative for those extra special quilt projects.Price is per 1/4 metre/10".  (put 4 in ..

Vilene Interfacing Fusible Light Weaveline (White)

$14.00 Ex Tax: $12.73

Vilene Interfacing Fusible Light Weaveline, White, 112cm wide per metre, iron-on Iron-on woven fusible interlining/stabiliser can be used on stitcheries to stabilise the fabric so that threads do not show through. Features: Lightweight and fusible Swiss cotton interfacing Ideal for collars, cuffs, and plackets For use with lightweight fabrics. The perfect backing of s..

White Mesh

$7.50 Ex Tax: $6.82

White Mesh Lightweight and a bit stretchy Perfect for pockets on bags or anywhere you want to be able to see what you're storing Also works great in various garment applications and utility needs The mesh is specially coated to be less slippery and easy to work with while still being soft and pliable Finish the edges with a simple binding using your favourite fabric 1..

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